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Graham Meyer


Graham Meyer - N77ZW

Graham Meyer

Beloved Chapter Member Graham Meyer has gone west, but he left an incredible legacy to Chapter members in the form of completed experimental planes, a wealth of aviation knowledge, and a complete and utterly unself-ish example of how we could all live our lives. His son Alan, now a Chapter 1373 member, received a legacy of love of family, aviation, and the most excellent example of Steve Wittman’s Tailwind ever built. He are a few of Alan’s thoughts.

“On May 3, 2020, I received a phone call from my father’s friend telling me that there was an accident at the airport, and that my Dad did not survive. My dad and I had a very good relationship, and I was devastated by this news. My dad was very passionate when it came to anything aeronautical and loved teaching others about his passion. I have always enjoyed listening and learning about whatever he was working on. I always loved airplanes but never pursued piloting until after my dad had built his airplane. The cost of training and a busy life kept me from pursuing a pilot’s license. My dad did however give me lessons when I visited him at his home in Eckert. After my dad’s passing, my sister and I were planning on selling his estate and splitting his assets between all his children. I was pleased to find out that my wife was willing to sell our property in Boulder and purchase my parent’s home. This made it possible for my sister and I to keep my dad’s airplane which he built himself. We did not want to let go of something that meant so much to him and that described his character completely. With this move I was also able to attend the EAA meetings my dad attended. My sister and I did not want to see my dad’s plane sit and gather dust, so we planned on having someone fly his plane, and I would perform maintenance. Having my dad’s friends available made all this possible. I also met Dennis Duggan, a flight instructor who offered to instruct me in hopes that I myself could fly my dad’s plane. I began flying with Dennis in Smiling Aviation’s Cessna 182. I continue flying with Dennis and his partners to his day. I am on track to do my first solo when I obtain my 3rd class medical. I currently have 20hrs of training in the 182 and I am planning on training in my dad’s plane very soon. My plan is to gain my pilot’s license and use my dad’s plane to travel to my friends and family’s where they live. My niece is also planning to obtain her pilot’s license and fly her grandfather’s plane. My family and I believe this would make my dad very proud.

Frank Graham Meyer passed away suddenly in a tragic single person airplane accident on Sunday, May 3, 2020, at the Delta Blake Airfield in Delta, Colorado. He was 81 years old.

Frank Graham Meyer Obituary

Jack Sprague - Gone West

Jack Sprague

Jack Sprague, member of the Delta aviation community and EAA Chapter 1373, passed away on June 4th, 2019. He was a very active builder and flyer, and was on the Delta County Airport Advisory Board. Jack owned and flew a variety of aircraft in his life, including a Bonanza, a Mooney, and two experimental aircraft, among others. He frequently flew his aircraft on business and pleasure throughout the west. His completed experimental projects included an Acro-Sport 1 (Oct 2010) and a Van's RV-7A (Sep 2016). Most recently, he was working on a Luscombe restoration and had an Aeronca waiting in the "wings". Jack's contributions to the airport board and 'Saturday bull sessions' will be sorely missed.

Herb Anderson

Herb Anderson was a long time member of EAA Chapter 1373, a pilot, and builder of a Long EZ. Herb passed away May 16, 2016.

For more about Herb, please see:

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