Member Projects

Photo index of chapter member projects and airplanes

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Alan's projects & planes
Bernie's RV-14A
Bill's RV-9
Bob C's Kiss
Bob C's Kitfox
Bob S's KR2
Bob T's RV-7A
Byron's Glastar
Charley H's Kitfox
Chuck R's Versiplane
Clay's RV-6A
Don S's Miniplane
Doug's RV-7A
Dwayne's KR2
Ernst's Zenith 750 STOL
Galen's AT6
Galen's Pitts
George's RV-6
George's Murphy Rebel
Graham's Tailwind
Herb's Long EZ
Jack's Piper Cub
Jack's RV-7A
Jamie's Trike
Jeff's Piper Cub
Jeff's RV-7
Jim B's RV-7
Jim M's Horizon
Karl's Murphy Rebel
Lowell's Murphy Rebel
Lowell's RV-8
Lowell's MJ51-C Sperocco
Mark H's Cessna 182
Mark H's Cessna 210
Mark's Champ
Norm's RV-8
Ric & Doug's Cessna 182
Ric & Doug's RANS S-12
Robert T's Helicycle
Ross's RV-7A
Tom's Piper Comanche
Tom's Piper Cub

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